Susan Siegs encaustic paintings are created from wax colours that are heated and applied with the paint iron. The artist regularly uploads current small formats to the SU ART Online Shop.

Her encaustic paintings show Susan Siegs great joy in experimenting – and at the same time consistent discipline in the craftsmanship process.

Strong, bright colours, structure-giving materials and elaborate application of paint: these characteristics of Susan Siegs artistic work already characterise her extraordinary acrylic works – now she also expresses them in her encaustic paintings. The technique of wax paint applied with paint iron has only recently been discovered by the artist in her ongoing curiosity for new materials and styles. Consistently and with passionate eagerness she has since developed her craft skills.

Susan Sieg has been a freelance painter since 2004. She lives and works in Hamburg.
Her art has been part of numerous international exhibitions and gallery events.

Susan Siegs Encaustic: Bright wax colours in unique interplay and abstract representation.

Abstract encaustic with organic forms and colour formations

The liquid heated encaustic colour waxes let Susan Sieg flow together to fascinating gradients – or deliberately separate different tones of a colour spectrum in colour blocking. She creates structures and organic shapes by covering the cooled wax with shellac and then applying heat to the surface.

Inspirations captured in inspiring encaustic subjects

Nature scenarios often inspire the artist to her abstract representations and give some encaustic works their title. But Susan Sieg always invites the viewer to let his or her own imagination run wild – and thus provides inspiration for individual discoveries that always arouse new emotions.

With her encaustic Susan Sieg combines a painting technique thousands of years old with very modern forms of expression and her individual style of art.

The painting technique has been known under the term “Encaustic” for over two and a half thousand years – far older than oil painting. For Susan Sieg, however, the old encaustic technique can be wonderfully combined with modern art forms such as abstraction, which is typical for her.

She applies her luminous wax crayons up to 10 mm high on wood, the beeswaxes are by nature very long colourfast and when dried they are quite robust. In addition, the artist seals her encaustic paintings with a special wax which makes the works scratch- and shock-resistant.

Encaustic in the Su Art online shop

In the Su Art online shop you will always find new encaustic pictures by Susan Sieg:
in small formats also combinable to individual groupings.

SU-ART - Susan Sieg

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