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SU-ART  12. June 2020
Was there anything positive for me about Covid 19? Yes, I discovered encaustics for myself. I've been a painter for over 15 years, and the...
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SU-ART  5. October 2017
Capture the curiosity through art and find knowledge through curiosity. EMOTIONS Joy - Happiness - Mourning - Annoyance - Anger - Love -...
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Premiere “Whiskey and Sugar“

SU-ART  8. October 2016
Premiere "Whiskey and Sugar“ at Theater Im Zimmer, Hamburg Yesterday was the big night: the prestigious „Theater im Zimmer“ opened their...
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"Art gives me the opportunity to show my view on things that are important for me"

Since 2004, Susan Sieg is working as an artist. Her preference for strong bright colours and large unusual formats led her to use acryl as an appropriate form of expression in which the acrylic paints are primarily applied with a spatula.

Sieg experiments with various materials, which she integrates in her work. Her personal expression with the aids of mortar and granules gives her compositions a sense of roughness that is particularly characteristic in her people pictures.

The native Hamburger abstracts people that stand in different relationship to another in her work. The viewer has space for his or her own fantasy. "My work is supposed to invite people to think about the situations of people and how they connect. Closeness, distance, communication, friendship or separation."

Susan Sieg

She continues to discover and explore new and interesting motifs, which she converts in her own abstract manner. In addition to her focal point on her people pictures, Sieg interprets cityscapes and landscapes in several daylight situations.

Susan Sieg has participated in various national contemporary art shows as well as European Art Exhibitions in France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy and the UnitedStates of America. In 2016 her artwork has been exhibited in a group exhibition at the MoCa in Beijing, China.

Susan Sieg lives and works in Hamburg.


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