I see you

This painting is an original. There are no copies or replicas.

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The artwork shows a pair of eyes looking directly into one’s inner self.

It is meant to convey the feeling of being seen, in which we are recognised in our purest and most honest form.
Truthfulness and strength are expressed through the colours and textures, so that the observer becomes the observed.

The mixture of acrylic paint and putty gives the painting its intended roughness. The paint was applied directly with the palette knife.

This painting is an original. No copies or replicas exist.



Storage and transport of acrylic paintings

The acrylic paintings are sealed with a final varnish to protect the work from dust and dirt. Acrylic paintings are relatively insensitive, but should be protected from prolonged direct sunlight.

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Dimensions 140 × 100 × 6,5 cm



Acrylic on canvas