Encaustic - SU-ART

Was there anything positive for me about Covid 19?

Yes, I discovered encaustics for myself. I’ve been a painter for over 15 years, and the lockdown was a tough time for artists. I wanted to use this time for me to improve my techniques. By chance I heard about encaustics and was immediately fascinated.

Encaustic or wax painting describes an artistic painting technique. Here special Encaustic wax colours are heated with a painting iron and applied to the painting ground.

The basic technique of encaustic art looks back on a very long history, which goes back even further than oil painting, for example. The heyday of this technique was in the Greek-Roman antiquity. The word encaustic alone has been around for over two and a half thousand years. At that time, the materials were permanently burned onto the surfaces with fire and red-hot iron and worked with hot spatulas.

I spent many hours watching the films of the encaustic artists. I immediately started with my first works and practiced diligently with the gas burner. This is how my first series Color Blocking came into being. I still have a lot to do and to learn, but this old art can be combined with the modern one and it is incredibly fun.