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For the piece of comedy theater “Whiskey and Sugar” I got to design the sets in the background. The image is based on one the pictures of the series “motion”. As quality is of high importance in the creative industries, it was out of question that a Theater image would be of similar standard, yet better. Thus, in order to suit the set dimensions of 3x5m, the picture was taken with a special lens by Thomas Zarges, in his studio Nordblick in Hamburg.Challenge is to retain the metallic colors on the large-area substrate.

The wonderfully black comedy “Whiskey and Sugar” is the exciting and very funny duel over the interpretation of a life – two women fighting for the love of a woman – the mother and artist whose ashes cannot defend itself. “Whiskey and Sugar” by Mike Sage is a German premiere with Marion Elskis and Heike Falkenberg in the lead roles. Director: Hartmut Uhlemann.

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Thu, 06/10/2016 BY 20 am, HH