Américains à Monaco

The demographic of American artists, is well represented in this year’s Art Monaco exhibition. Sharing the lounge area between SU-Art and Irreversible Projects, you will find a collaboration of artists from Florida who have taken residence next door for the week. They provide the exhibition with a funky spicy southern flavor to the scene, with colorfully encrusted fruit sculptures decorated much like the royal crown of Monaco, to goopy and dark rubber which hangs from the ceiling as an installation, to the resident alligator who gobbles up the audience in one bite made of plaster and felt. Although the booth hosts 10 artist from all differing walks of life, they have been gathered by Noor Blazekovic producer, editor of Irreversible Magazine, project and exhibition coordinator.

Irreversible Magazine An International Art Project

Across from our resident artist SU-Art’s booth, you will find New York based artist Osvaldo Mariscotti represented by Mariscotti Art. The artist has been producing art for 35 years. His creative approach is quite introverted as it is to protect the creative mind from external influences, in that sense preserving the inner sanctity of his inspiration. However, do not mistake introvert methods for lack of boldness! His latest work, produced 5 years ago, has appeared on the Art Monaco scene. A wooden box draped in black paint provides the background for the brightly and meticulously structured colorful squares. One after the other, a row of little squares interrupted by a bold larger square, all marching to the rhythm of the artist’s brush strokes.


Some more impressive artwork….
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