Art Libia Bosker/ Gallery Universalis (Amsterdam, Holland)

Booth number S17 houses a collection of artists from Poland. Most notably, artist Libia Bosker ( has brought them together for the Art Monaco 2015 exhibition. Bosker, originally from Rio de Janeiro (BR), and currently residing in Amsterdam (HL), has been creating her art for the last 8 years. This is her second year at Art Monaco, though she is constantly flying around the world for her exhibitions. Her first piece sold this year on the first day! The piece titled “Girl Plays” combines the styling’s of pop art meets modern and is inspired by her daughter. She went on to explain…

“The youth today is a youth that knows what she wants, she is a well educated and sure of herself…confident!”

Step inside 66 66

Miami based artist Rafael Bencid has dazzled Art Monaco attendees with his mathematical master piece. The box installation, weighing 200lbs., has an aluminum frame that houses an intimate screening room for the viewer. Once inside the viewer is cocooned in lyrical piano symphony consisting of exactly 6,666 music notes, and a light show of 6,666 stop motion pictures flashing 360 degrees around the viewer. The 6 sides cube further connects with the viewer on a personal level by having a mirror above depicting the singularity and uniqueness of each persons expereience.

So step inside 66 66 !