Attending the Art Monaco 2015 vernisage is everything one could expect of glamour, elegance and art. The venue slowly filled with elegantly dressed patrons and admirers who slowly navigated from each booth, glancing at artists’ latest pieces. Although every artists looks forward to selling their work to the highest bidder, for me, what I look most forward to is meeting my fellow creators and creative minds. Each booth holds an individuals work and story, and by getting to know the artist you can dive into what each piece of art represents and means.

I was so impressed to have met a young artiste, who at 12 years old had a lot to say with his art. Charles Gitnick’s message has reached Monaco all the way from Los Angeles. His current exhibition at Art Monaco 2015 consists of guns mounted on to canvas, which is then splattered, sprayed and shot at (with an air-soft gun filled with paint) to create the desired work of art. He draws his inspiration and motivation from the violence that takes Place in today;s world and wishes to draw awareness to this. A young artists, with a deep message to share.