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Was there anything positive for me about Covid 19?

Yes, I discovered encaustics for myself. I’ve been a painter for over 15 years, and the lockdown was a tough time for artists. I wanted to use this time for me to improve my techniques. By chance I heard about encaustics and was immediately fascinated.

Encaustic or wax painting describes an artistic painting technique. Here special Encaustic wax colours are heated with a painting iron and applied to the painting ground.

The basic technique of encaustic art looks back on a very long history, which goes back even further than oil painting, for example. The heyday of this technique was in the Greek-Roman antiquity. The word encaustic alone has been around for over two and a half thousand years. At that time, the materials were permanently burned onto the surfaces with fire and red-hot iron and worked with hot spatulas.

I spent many hours watching the films of the encaustic artists. I immediately started with my first works and practiced diligently with the gas burner. This is how my first series Color Blocking came into being. I still have a lot to do and to learn, but this old art can be combined with the modern one and it is incredibly fun.



Capture the curiosity through art and find knowledge through curiosity.


Joy – Happiness – Mourning – Annoyance – Anger – Love – Compassion – Enthusiasm

Emotions add color to our lives, just as images do. They influence our mind and help us to keep emotional memories.

Thus, art can touch us emotionally, animate our thoughts, or even reach our emotional intelligence. This happens through looking at artworks and awakening our curiosity.
This is the subject of our upcoming exhibition.

The exhibited paintings, photographs and sculptures are open to interpretations and emotions: forms, colors and objects can always be recombined conceptually and visualize emotional experiences of the artist as well as the viewer. A nonverbal communication level emerges.

Opening of the exhibition “Emotions” on Saturday, 07.10.2017 at 17 o´clock.
Duration of the Exhibition: 09.10. – 03.11. 2017

Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg
Gotenstraße 21
20097 Hamburg

Premiere “Whiskey and Sugar“

Premiere “Whiskey and Sugar“

Premiere “Whiskey and Sugar“ at Theater Im Zimmer, Hamburg

Yesterday was the big night: the prestigious „Theater im Zimmer“ opened their doors for the grand premiere of the play “Whiskey and Sugar“. The premiere was a big success. The audience fell in love with the two main characters played by  Marion Elskis and Heike Falkenberg, and gave thunderous applause.

The director Hartmut Uhlemann also gave a little speech in which he thanked all participants. Theater manager Martha Kunicki who continues the tradition of one of the most respected private theaters in Hamburg of the 20th century, was particularly proud of the successful start of a hopefully long era of delightful entertainment.

The play is playing until October 22 2016, and my exhibition accompanying the piece in the theater goes just as long.

Exhibition „Under observation“

Exhibition „Under observation“

The 6th October marks the beginning of my new exhibition called “under observation”.  I get to showcase a new set of art pieces as part of the play “Whiskey And Sugar”.  This witty play will debut in the reopened „Theater im Zimmer“ in Hamburg. My new collection of paintings portrays people and the relationships they have to another, may it be closeness, distance, communication, friendship or separation. Yet the viewer has space for his or her own fantasy. My work is supposed to invite people to think about the situations of people and how they connect.

06.10. – 22.10.2016

MoCA Beijing

MoCA Beijing

7 August – 18 September, 2016

On Saturday, August 7 at 15:30, the exhibition borders and bridges was opened at the MOCA in Beijing, China.

The curators Nour Nouri, Pashmin Art Gallery, Hamburg and Michael Suh, MoCA Beijing welcomed the invited guests and artists. 32 artists from around the world show their artworks in this exhibition.

The founder of the MOCA, Mr Qin Feng, one of China’s most famous artists with exhibitions around the world has supported the exhibition as an academic advisor.

The exhibition serves as a cultural bridge between European artists and Chinese art lovers. The special feature of this exhibition lies in a sectional separated presentation of European art  within a Chinese Museum with visitors of the Oriental culture sphere.

The museum displays the exhibition until September 18th, 2016 . Opening hours are Tuesday – Sunday, 15:00 – 18:00. The MoCA is located in the “art district of Beijing”, where a University of art, many galleries, art workshops and studios are located.

MoCA, Beijing
No. 500, Daxing Village, Songzhuang Town, Beijing